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I want to _____ you.









reblog and see what your followers say




I was just reblogging for the above post I didn’t think I’d get any



I won’t get any but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing





last time was fun

Doubt I’ll get any tbh 😂

I doubt I’ll get any either

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→i forgot i had this in my drafts lol →we don't have classes atm and i'm free so ayy
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the assignment we got for drawing class was to make 28 different drawings of us experimenting with our style using different inspirations

so here are some of the “”“”“experimental”“”“” drawings i drew today! a bunch of random people and, in the spirit of things, miHASHI <3

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→riart →mihashi →oofuri →lol i wonder how low i'll get this week →aLSO I BOUGHT THE WRONG ILLUSTRATION BOARD UGH →i'll either cut it or buy another one and just save this for next time →i just need 9 more drawings aaaahhh
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ren, your friendly neighbor the magical girl <3

special thanks to sparkle mihashi for making this possible

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→riart →mihashi ren →ren mihashi →idk how you tag japanese characters so →oofuri →i might color this someday →obv with nishiura's colors →maybe →someday
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i found oofuri again while looking through brakes' art tag and also catia encouraged me in my feels fest


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→riart →mihashi ren →oofuri →god what a lameass →they're all lameasses →but they're all MY lameass baes →6ever →this is my life and i don't know what's happening with it
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The other thing for the redraw art meme I talked about OUO This one is mabuhaylyn's Necromancer Gary Harrison.

I felt like it had potential as being weirdly creepy if it had that ~lighting from the bottom~ thing that sinister people do. ALSO because I needed practice in coloring. It was a lot more fun than I expected TBH

I’m super glad I got to do this, I love this a lot now =u=

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→riart →mabuhaylyn →south park →gary harrison →like what marsh said →it's fabulous hell →super super fab →i don't think i'm ever going to make something as wonderful as this so thank you lyn →this was suc a pleasure to do
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the other things i did during the stream~~

it was hella fun and really random ahaha sis and marsh were great company

you can see where i degraded |D

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→riart →it cOUNTS →sisaat →possiblyeden →for the two (failure) portraits i guess →i need to stream more
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streaming this thing cause yes

so sis said she’d watch me stream and i figured in case anyone would be interested you can go drop by and watch me try to make sense of things lol

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→hopefully my internet doesn't end up being too shitty
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sisaat answered your question “would anyone go to a stream if i do one right now? i’m doing this…”

I would, if you still want to do one

well i actually haven’t done much more from when i posted that to now so why not ouo

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→sisaat →replies →aww sis you are wonderful to me uwu
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would anyone go to a stream if i do one right now?

i’m doing this atm:


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→idk i want to talk to people and have them watch me draw →also it makes me focus on this →so →i doubt anyone will really be interested but there's the wHAT IF
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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

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Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

A year ago I was INTJ but a few months back I saw an ‘MBTI type percentage in the population’ post thing and I decided to take the online test found in the link and got INTP. I normally take online personality tests with a grain of salt but I took this one and it’s a different one and I got the same and I’ve looked at the personality descriptions a while ago and it seems legitimate enough so I’ll keep an open mind.

wow i got rambly again

Type: INTP

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→ginnymydear →taggedy tagged tagged →i seriously wonder how they even ended up assigning these characters →like do they just say 'hmm i think they go here' →HAH tvtropes →i gotta love some of these →bless tvtropes

working on my other redraw (this one with mabuhaylyn) and i decided it’s time to actually attempt variations in light source

this is actually hella fun to do 8D although i won’t finish it tonight because i’m going to attempt to get an actually respectable amount of rest tonight uwu

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→riart →wip →and don't fret →i am going to make this hella pink →like hella hella pink →dRASTICALLY PINK
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mabuhaylyn whispered:
Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers.

aaahh lyyYYYYN *tackles and holds on forever*

i can do this


why yes i did forget to answer this

  1. I really like that my style is developing right now and even though I see other people improving much faster and achieving greater things, at least I can say that I’m saying goodbye to anime-ish style and saying hello to a style that would be a lot easier to actually have different facial structures and features.

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→mabuhaylyn →asks →this somehow got a lot more personal than my usual 'random facts' posts →ah whatever →random facts
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my latest plate for drawing class

the women of the birth of venus and profane and sacred love as the characters of love and other drugs because fuck yeah lady love

tentatively titled ‘love and other gods’ OR ‘my curly hair brings all the girls in the bed’ OUO

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→riart →idk what to tag this →modern renaissance →i guess →we were supposed to pick to people from separate paintings and making them interact in a different setting (preferebly a modern one) →*preferably →you can see how i got lazy in the background →and the pillows →meh whatevs →nudity →idk if it's nsfw or not
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I’m doing this art meme with rainbowbarfeverywhere

This is her pic that I’m redrawing

awwwiiiieee he’s so cute ;-;

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→he's like →a billion times cuter than how i drew him →augh →made on a whim →gimme your hands
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Sis’ part


Did this art meme with sisaat where I redrew this. I realize that I probably exerted too much effort in this, especially when I still have a bunch of schoolwork to do, but I wanted to do the picture and Syn justice.

Also because I still need to practice coloring now and forever.

if anyone wants to do the art meme with me i will be EXTREMELY happy to do it so you should message me if you’re interested ok ok

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→riart →sisaat →i actually first had one with lyn but i haven't been able to talk to her yet so the details haven't been hashed out →but i have finished the lineart so yay →no one understands how awesome this meme is for me →i just want to do it a lot of times →all the times →ok maybe not all the time
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Am Ria and a 19 Filipino girl. A decent artist and less decent (and occasional) writer.

Slash. Just. Slash. Otherwise, expect a lot of text and art posts seeing as I don't reblog or check my dash as often as the average tumblr user. (Blacklist 'ill advised musings' for the random useless text posts lol.)

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